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CSHR and Hubei Bo-Green Inc.

CSHR and Hubei Bo-green Inc Enter Into Collaboration to Develop Co-Processed whold herb and botanical extract


CSHR and Hubei Bo-green Inc. have signed a collaboration agreement, whereby Bo-green will conduct to process formulation and development work for herbs and botanical extract which in inneed from CSHR,Under the agreement terms, Numbers of products are processed from them

Hubei Bo-green was developed in order to bring excipient technology to the next level of functional performance in process of the herb finisihed productsdevelopment. As they are abundance experience in production for past 20years . API co-processing with Bo-green has demonstrated tremendous benefits for various kinds of herbal extracts. CSHR and Hubei Bo-green Inc.collaboration  have a goal to use the technology and its highly production capability to bring stability improvements and manufacturing benefits to our mutural benefit .

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