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Fl 5 Jindan Building Longping High-tech Park, Changsha, China
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 Production capacity
Changsha huir annual productioin capability is 1500tons raw material,with complete facilities for extraction ,concentration,column separation,Spray-drying and vacuum drying equipment.
Safe and effective active ingredients in plants are reserved from material collection,crushing and extraction to finished product,Proven quality management system ensures strict compliance with GMP requirments at each procedure.A detailed and complete record is maintained and documented appropriately for each batch of products to ensure steady quality.
For turing advanced technology and theory into product,Huir innoca laboratories is equipped with equipments
Solid-liquid Countercurrent Extraction System
Macopore absorb resin separatio
High speed continuous centrifuge
Inner fluid-bed spray drye
Continuous belt vasuum dryer
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Address:Fl 5 Jindan Building Longping High-tech Park, Changsha, China