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Centenary birthday, glorious history | Huirui Biotech wishes the 100th anniversary of the motherland, happy birthday
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Glory one hundred years of journey, Everlasting one hundred years of originality.

On June 23, the branch committee of Changsha Huir Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. held a solemn and grand oath-taking ceremony for the newly developed party member, Comrade Yuan Dingyou (General Manager of Changsha Huir Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.), at the Huir Party Branch, and Comrade Liu Guomin, Secretary of Huir Party Branch, presided over the oath-taking ceremony and delivered a speech.


The oath ceremony officially started in the solemn National Anthem.and then Comrade Liu Guomin, secretary of Huir Party Branch, announced the list of prospective members who participated in the oath, and the senior party members expressed their warm welcome and feelings for Comrade Yuan Dingyou to join the party organization. Comrade Yuan Dingyou, a new member of the Party, also made a statement, expressing his excitement and noble sense of mission to become a new member of the Party. He said that in the future work and life, he will always strictly require himself by the standards of Party members and keep the advancement and purity of Communist Party members.


On June 26, in order to further study and implement the spirit of the Party and promote the education on the theme of "remembering the martyrs and taking up the mission", the branch committee of Changsha Huir Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. organized a visit to the former residence of Yang Kaihui and the memorial hall for all party members to learn, remember the martyrs, receive revolutionary traditions education and revisit patriotic revolutionary determination.


In Yang Kaihui Memorial Hall, Comrade Liu Guomin, secretary of Huir Party Branch, led everyone to recite the oath of party membership, and all party members solemnly swore. During the visit, everyone listened carefully to the staff's explanation, read carefully the poems and letters of Chairman Mao and Yang Kaihui, and learned about the study, life and growth experience of Martyr Yang Kaihui, as well as the revolutionary deeds of her and her relatives. The noble ideological character and moral sentiments of the revolutionary martyrs, as well as their firm belief in the Party and the people and the lofty ideals of communism, deeply shocked everyone's hearts.


Through this visit, all party members expressed they would continue to carry forward the glorious tradition and fine style of the Party, play the role of exemplary leadership of party members in their work, and be devoted to the development and growth of China's botanic extract industry. 

On July 1, on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the Party, the branch committee of CPC of Changsha Huir Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. organized all party members and party activists to watch the ceremony to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC.


Time flies. The CPC has gone through 100 years of ups and downs. On the occasion of the 100th birthday of the Party, each of us feels more grateful, besides affection.

Looking back on the history of the CPC, the world-renowned achievements of our party were achieved are the result of the joint efforts of our party and the people of the whole country. In the whole history of striving, our CPC members played a mainstay role in order to build our Party for the better, all Party members should always cherish the spirit of Party members. In today's critical period of development of a well-off society in an all-round way, it is even more necessary for us to persevere and work hard, to clearly understand the important historical responsibilities we shoulder, to clearly understand the rare opportunities and severe challenges, to inherit and carry forward the party’s fine traditions and style of work, to be prepared for long-term hard work, with a highly responsible attitude to the party and the people,not to make false achievements, do actual work, and make effective service to the motherland.



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